Change the Font of the Photo Title

By default the "Title" of a photo will take on your theme's default font (usually for the "body font"). However, you may want to customize the font to be something other than the default -- something to make it stand out. You can use the following code to change your photo's title font. If you want to use a non-standard font, such as a Google Font, you can pre-load the font using the instructions here, then call-out that font using the code below. Note: This also changes the font of the Photo Title in the Lightbox as well as on the main gallery. Add the following code to your theme's Advanced CSS settings:

/* Make the photo title a different font */
.sm-tile-title, .sm-lightbox-basic .yui3-widget-ft .sm-lightbox-title {
  font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed';


  • Miguel Alonso

    on February 10, 2017

    Hi Aaron. The "Using the instructions here" link doesn't work, since you moved the Google Fonts trick to a different folder, it seems to me. Just FYI. Otherwise great website :)

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