Change the Contact Form "The Question" Text - Aaron Meyers

Change the Contact Form "The Question" Text

On SmugMug's default "Contact" page in the menu-bar a form pops up asking the user to enter their e-mail address, the email subject, and "The Question". If you would like to customize the form and change "The Question" text, use the CSS below. You could change it to something like "Enter your comments here:", or "Fill out the Form Below to Contact Me", or any other text your heart desires. Add the following CSS to your theme's Advanced CSS section:

/* Set the The Question text to your own wording */
.sm-contact-pro-form:before {
   content: "This is the text you want above the text box";
   position: absolute;
   top: 215px;
   left: 200px;

/* Hack to hide the The Question */
.sm-contact-pro-form .sm-form-contents .sm-form-field-overhead:nth-child(4) label {
    visibility: hidden;


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