Remove the Buy Button

If you don't have a Pro or Business account you may notice that your photos are for sale and you won't see penny for them! The prints are sold at cost of printing (with a small SmugMug mark-up). SmugMug doesn't even tell you that someone printed your photos. There are options in your gallery settings to disable purchasing but if you want to go a step further and make sure the "Add to Cart" button is removed, read below. If you would like to remove the buy button, please use the following code:

/* Remove the "Add to Cart" Button */
  display: none;


  • Darren Hitch

    on March 29, 2017

    svdphotos - You will still see it if you're logged in.

  • Guest

    on December 1, 2016

    I just added that css to my entire site and it worked perfectly. entire site/my theme/advanced/edit/ then paste it in there

  • svdphotos

    on September 9, 2016

    Unfortunately, it does not work. The "Buy" button is still visible.

  • Keir Briscoe

    on August 27, 2015

    Thanks for this tip. This is exactly what I needed to do.

  • Annie's World

    on February 1, 2015

    Where would I put this? On the homepage or ?

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