Define how List Items Look in the Caption

The New SmugMug has lots of little quirks and one that I ran into was that the list items (bullets) often had strange behavior ... it would not be a square if you wanted it to be a square, it wouldn't align properly, there'd be too much space between the bullet and the text, etc. There's an easy way in CSS to fix this. Note: that this code only works for captions. You'll have to tweak it slightly to work for other sections of your page. Add the following to your theme's Advanced CSS settings:

/* Define how the list items look in the caption */
.sm-tile-info li {
  list-style-type: square;
  margin-left: 30px;
  padding-bottom: 5px;
  display: list-item !important;
This code sets the bullets to square, and indents the bullets by 30 pixels, and leaves some space at the bottom below the list. For more information on how to stylize your lists, or change them to circles, etc, see this link.


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