Ensure the Top of the Photo Aligns with the Thumbnails

For whatever reason SmugMug has the top of your photos in landscape orientation sit slightly below the thumbnails. This looks strange. If you would like to ensure that your photos and your thumbnails properly align, use the following code. When a portrait orientation photo is viewed it seems that the photo is displayed properly. This little quirk only effected landscape orientation photos. I found it strange that it would sit 10px below ... it seems that SmugMug specifically added code to only do this in landscape orientation. This over-rides their code. Add the following code to a "CSS" block on your "All Galleries" page so that it applies to all galleries (aka don't put it in your theme's Advanced CSS settings ... if you have multiple themes you'd have to add it to each and every one)

/* Ensure the top of the selected photo is aligned with the thubmanils */
.sm-tile-single.sm-tiles-uncropped .sm-tile-wrapper {
  margin-top: -1px !important;


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