Widen Caption / Comments Area (SmugMug Layout)

The following customization is for the SmugMug Layout gallery display style only. By default SmugMug sets the maximum width of the caption and comment field to be very narrow. It looks ugly and does not fit properly beneath the photo. If you are like me and have long captions, the narrow width of the caption field makes the text even longer! The following code will expand the caption and comment fields:

/* Make the caption area wider */
.sm-user-ui .sm-gallery-smugmug .sm-tile-info {
  max-width: 900px !important;

/* Make the comments area wider */
.sm-gallery-footer .sm-gallery-comments {
  max-width: 900px !important;
  padding-top: 48px !important;


  • ºoº DisneyMagic

    on January 18, 2015

    What about journal style? Is there anything I can use

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