Add the Words "See Caption" to the Caption Area in the Lightbox

One of the biggest complaints I've heard was that sometimes, in the lightbox, viewers don't realize they can put their mouse over the caption to see the caption animate and rise up, displaying the full caption. There was a request to add text that says "See caption" in a different font color, next to the photo caption. The following code handles the case where people don't realize that if they put their mouse over the caption area in the lightbox that it automatically pops up: Add the following code to your theme's Advanced CSS settings:

/* Make the arrow before "See Caption" red */ {
   color:red !important;
.sm-lightbox-info-arrow { width: 180px; }

/* Add the text "See Caption" and set it to red */ {
   content:" See Caption";
   font-size: 16pt;
   font-weight:normal !important;

/* Align the text to the left */
.sm-lightbox-info {
  text-align: left !important;
Feel free to change the words "See Caption" in the 'content' of the CSS. From:


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