Remove the Breadcrumb

On the New SmugMug a "Breadcrumb" can be added. The Breadcrumb is usually at the top of your page and describes where in your folder structure you currently are. Usually it has a home icon to represent your homepage, and then will include the current folder and gallery the viewer is on. Although the Breadcrumb can manually be removed by deleting the content block in your Customizer, if you have multiple pages with the Breadcrumb it may be tedious to remove. Instead, it can be done with simple CSS code and will effect all your pages. Add the following CSS to your theme's Advanced CSS settings:

/* Remove the breadcrumb from being displayed */
.sm-breadcrumbs {
  display: none;
After hiding the breadcrumb from everyone, if you would like to bring it back just for you (the owner of the site), you can add the following CSS so that only you can see it:
/* Show the breadcrumb for the owner only */
.sm-user-owner .sm-breadcrumbs {
  display: block !important;
Originally requested on dgrin:


  • Melody

    on February 5, 2014

    Is there any way to make the "little" home icon larger? People are saying they can barely see it?

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