Move Title Text to Top of Image

When viewing folders, galleries, or pages, there's an option to display the title of that folder, gallery, or page OVER the thumbnail of the photo. The title is always displayed at the bottom of the thumbnail. If you would like to display the title at the top of the thumbnail (perhaps you have a watermark at the bottom of the thumbnail), then use this code: Add the following to your theme's Advanced CSS settings:

/* Move the info tile to the top of the image, rather than the bottom */
.sm-tiles-info-over .sm-tile-info {
  top: 0px !important;
  height: 32px;


  • Ryan Rayner

    on May 6, 2015

    is it possible to have the title text appear 'above' the image instead of just at the top?

  • greatartphotos

    on January 2, 2014

    Just perfect! thank you!!!

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